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Residential Real Estate in Kansas City: The Willows Community

Key Points:

  • The Willows, a Covenant-Rodrock Homes Community, offers new homes for all stages of life in Johnson County.
  • Willow Grove neighborhood has only four homes under construction and one homesite remaining.
  • The Preserve has one move-in ready estate home available.

The Willows: A Coveted Residential Community

The Willows, a Covenant-Rodrock Homes Community, is a highly sought-after residential community in Johnson County, Kansas. Known for its distinctive new homes and classic Johnson County living, The Willows offers a range of housing options for individuals and families at different stages of life.

Willow Grove: Limited Availability

If you’re interested in living in the Willow Grove neighborhood of The Willows, you’ll need to act fast. With only four homes currently under construction and one homesite remaining, opportunities to build your dream home in this neighborhood are quickly dwindling. Don’t miss out on the chance to be a part of this vibrant community.

The Preserve: Move-In Ready Estate Home

For those looking for a move-in ready home, The Preserve in The Willows has one estate home available. This home offers all the amenities and features you would expect from a high-end property, making it the perfect choice for those seeking luxury and convenience.

Hot Take:

The Willows Community in Kansas City is a prime destination for individuals and families looking for quality residential real estate options. With limited availability in the Willow Grove neighborhood and a move-in ready estate home in The Preserve, now is the time to secure your spot in this highly desirable community. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to experience the best of Johnson County living in The Willows.

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