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Family-Friendly Living in Waldo, Kansas City

Welcome to Waldo – Your Ideal Neighborhood

Waldo, a community synonymous with family-friendly living, awaits you in Kansas City. With a robust mix of local businesses, restaurants, and parks, Waldo offers something for everyone. Whether you’re searching for real estate in Kansas City, KS, or looking to engage with a Kansas City realtor, Waldo is the place to be.

Find a Realtor in Waldo

Ready to move to Waldo? Find a realtor who specializes in the area. Our top realtor agents can help you explore the real estate market, locate the best real estate broker, and find the home that’s perfect for you.

Local Real Estate Companies Kansas City

Waldo hosts some of the best real estate companies in Kansas City. With a wide variety of real estate agent listings and dedicated realtor agents, finding a home has never been easier. If you’re looking for real estate agents in your area, Waldo provides top-notch professionals.

List with the Best Realtors in Kansas City

Considering selling your Waldo property? Trust the best real estate agent to list your home. Our top real estate agents will guide you through the process, ensuring that your home is seen by those searching for real estate in Kansas City, KS.

Find Your Dream Home with Real Estate Agencies Near You

Our local real estate agencies near you are ready to assist with your home search in Waldo. From finding the right listing agent to working with the best realtors in Kansas City, your dream home is just a click away.

Explore Listings in Waldo’s Real Estate Market

Looking for a new home or considering selling in Waldo? Explore the extensive list of properties and professionals using the “ Kansas City MO” and “ Kansas City KS” features on trusted real estate sites.

Engage in Community Life in Waldo

Waldo is more than a place to live; it’s a vibrant community. Keep yourself updated with Waldo’s upcoming events, from local art fairs to community picnics. Experience the true sense of community that makes Waldo one of Kansas City’s most beloved neighborhoods.

Local Businesses:

  • Waldo Pizza: Enjoy the best pizza in Waldo at this local favorite.
  • Bier Station: A unique beer experience in the heart of Waldo.
  • The Well Bar Grill & Rooftop: Fantastic rooftop dining with a view.


  • Waldo Fall Festival: Celebrate autumn with this annual family-friendly event.
  • Waldo Art Fair: Explore the creativity of local artists at this annual gathering.

Fun Facts:

  • Waldo got its name from Dr. David Waldo, a local pioneer.
  • The area was once an independent municipality before becoming part of Kansas City.
  • Waldo is known for its vibrant streetcar history, which helped shape the community.

Great Companies to Work at:

  • Burns & McDonnell: A top engineering firm with an office in the area.
  • Cerner Corporation: A leading health technology company located nearby.
  • Hallmark Cards: The renowned greeting card company headquartered close to Waldo.

By exploring these local businesses, attending events, and learning more about Waldo’s unique history, you’ll gain a deeper appreciation for this beloved Kansas City community. Whether you’re planning to work, live, or visit, Waldo offers a rich tapestry of experiences and opportunities.

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